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Monday, February 13, 2012


With the popularity of ruffles in mind I wanted to share my ruffle projects with you.

These laundry bags can be used in your closet to hold items or for your clothes pins on a clothes line.
It can be a great way to use scrapes of fabric you have been saving for a new project.  For a bridal shower I made a bag using recycled lace and satin from an old wedding dress.  Then I found an old picture of a couple on their wedding day to attach as a tag.  It turned out to be a beautiful one of a kind gift for the bride.  If you want to make the bag for a gift I would suggest lining it to give it a more finished look.

 What you need.

One hanger, I use children's size

Pillow case/or fabric for body of your bag 16x20 back 16x12 front top two pieces for top ,10x12 for bottom

Fabric for your ruffles
clothes pins

Sewing items pins, scissors,iron,fabric pen

Directions:  I like to lay every thing out once the fabric is cut to get a visual of what I want to do.
cut your fabric one back and two front pieces.
You will need 8 strips for ruffles cut 4 inches x22 inches long. If you want some to be flat without ruffles cut them half as long for stright pieces. This will give you about 8 rows.

 Sew your ruffles with a basting stitch and pull  thread to gather to 16 inches long.
Using the two pieces of fabric that will be your front of the bag hem the bottom edge and top edge.
Then start attaching your ruffles one row at a time starting at the bottom edge sewing each row to the front of the bag.

Take you hanger and trace the shape on your fabric on the inside of fabric.  Cut out shape and sew the hanger shaped top of your bag with right sides together.  Be sure to leave a small opening in the center to put the hanger hook through.

Then you are going to attach the front top and bottom to the back of the bag, right sides together sew around sides and turn.
Put your hanger through the hole and you can then finish with other trims if you want.
The Other item that  made is a refrigerator memo holder.  Just use the same technique to apply ruffles.  A quick way would be to use hot glue if you don't want to sew.  My next  to do project is a ruffled bench cover.  Hopefully I can post pictures of it soon.

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