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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make your own party lights

I made some fun lights for the patio last summer so I thought I would share the idea with you . Having seen some lights made from paper cups I wanted something with more shape and color so here is what I came up with. Seed starter pots seemed to be a great solution. I can cut them to the size and even the  shape I wanted. They also  have a small hole at the bottom perfect to put the small light through. FYI  Don't use the jiffy pots they crumble.  The picture below  is of the  pots I use. Ace hardware carries them.   By cutting  off an inch or two  from the top you will get plenty of light  . (I save the part I cut off for another project) Bright sunny flowers were what I was going for so I cut all of my pots to  look like they had petals. Craft paint works to decorate them but it takes a few coats. After I finished the flower lights I had a few more ideas for lights pictured here below.   I added a dab of hot glue at the base just to make sure it stayed put when I attached the pots to my light string. My light string was 125 bulbs so I did every other light. For safety make sure that the bulb is not touching any part of the cover.
 If you are an artist I would love to see what you can do with decorating these seed pot light covers! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ribbons: Valentine's Day

Ribbons: Valentine's Day: January is going by so fast. Today is extra special as it is my daughter Lindsey's birthday! As I was baking her a cake I made a few mini ...

Valentine's Day

January is going by so fast.  Today is extra special as it is my daughter Lindsey's birthday!  As I was baking her a cake I made a few mini valentines cupcakes to toss in the freezer.  I wanted to post a few small ideas for valentines day.  The first is a little stand you can cut from card stock, the one here is plain white but I make them out of fun prints too.  You can use it to hold your love notes, menu, or just about anything .  I have a pattern for you that you can enlarge or shrink to fit your project.  The other is a favor box.  I used to have a skin care business and had many clear plastic containers for mineral makeup so I put a paper flower on the top with a heart cut out and then I will fill it with something sweet.  When my daughter was married I saved all the lovely peonies from the arrangements and dried them.  I think they look so beautiful I plan to take them to her as a sweet reminder of another one of her very special days!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ribbons: Post Holiday decorating

Ribbons: Post Holiday decorating: It is nice to have all of the Christmas ornaments and decorations packed away after the holidays. I get the feeling in January that I want...

Post Holiday decorating

It is nice to have all of the Christmas ornaments and decorations packed away after the holidays.  I get the feeling in January that I want to clean and get clutter free. Although  I think it takes me until Spring to feel like I  have anything accomplished in the organizational area.  Starting is much easier than finishing.  One of the projects I did before the holidays is back on the coffee table so I wanted to share it with you. 

I often go to the junk stores to see what I can find, just for fun.   On one of those trips I saw a glass light fixture that would be used to cover a ceiling light in a bedroom.  It has a great look and  I had been keeping my eye out for some thing I could turn into a planter for some fake orchids.  I bought it for a dollar and cleaned it  from all the dirt and dust and sprayed it with some of the looking glass paint .  The bottom of the fixture had just enough flat service to work perfect as a planter. It doesn't look perfect just interesting.  Three orchids fit nicely into the container along with lots of moss to give it a realistic look.  Here is the finished planter.  It is quite large and I think is a nice touch on the coffee table.