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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Christmas Wreath

Here it is instructions on how to make an easy Christmas greens wreath. A friend showed me how to do this about twenty years ago. Here is what you need.

A picture frame or you can use a round piece of cardboard.
A large black 30 gallon trash bag
assorted greens, what ever you want to use.
A spool of wire, clippers and sissors ,duct tape if you are using card board
Decorations for your wreath, ribbon, holly, Christmas ornaments.
If your wreath is going outside make sure the decorations are weather proof.

If you are using a picture frame it is really simple.

Take your trash bag and cut  it into long strips about two or three inches wide.
Tie one end on the corner of your frame.  Then you just start wraping the frame with the plastic strips.  Go in the same direction and tie on a new strip when you get to an end until you have the whole thing covered.

Not to pretty, but it doesn't matter.  The take your greenery and just start putting it in under each of the strips like it is a little envelope.  Make sure you go the same direction.  I used some boxwood I have in my back yard.  When you get done if you have some spots that need filling you can just tie on another strip of plastic bag and add the greens. 
I hung mine outside with a monogram letter inside.  Fast easy and free!!

Christmas Decorations

I finished the living room and entry decorations today!  Instead of the traditional red and green I used a black and white with  silver and gold.   The trees I made for the entry table were from an idea on Pintrest and I am really happy with the way they turned out.  My wreath above the fireplace has a star with the phrase "wise men still seek him". I used an old fur coat to recover the stool in front of the leather chair.  With the scraps I had left over I was able to top the mantle and give it a soft rich look. The stocking are made from a twin sheet with some rows of lace trim at the top.  The paper whites are growing nicely so I hope they will be in full bloom for Christmas.  Now on to the baking, shopping and getting the beds ready for family.  I do love the Holidays!

Happy Holidays!!!