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Friday, November 18, 2011

Wall Paper Angel

I used a roll of paintable wall paper to do a project. I had an idea about making some tree or package ornaments using the left over wall paper. Here is the finished angel.
I used some coffee to try and give the paper an antique look. Traced my pattern onto the back side of the paper with right sides together. I wanted to stich the sides using a silver thread. This also gave the body of the angel a form rather than just flat. You could put it on top of a small tree. I used the back side of the wallpaper as the face. Attached the face to a popsicle stick I put inside the angel body. Then covered the back of the head with jute for hair so you can't see the wallpaper pattern on the head. I wanted a rustic angel so I used jute for the hair, scraps of burlap for the wings and a strip of sheet music to decorate the front. If anyone wants the patten e-mail me and I will ge it to you. Easy to do and fun for kids. :)

My Shoes

I am not an organized person. I really wish I was more organized but it is not a natural thing for me. Maybe it was on Oprah, I really can't remember where I first saw this organization idea. Like most women I have a lot of shoes. Some are for summer and some winter. My collection includes party perfect shoes and some I can only stand up in for a very short amount to time. Unfortunately I can gather a bit of dust in my closet but this idea solved the problem.

1. Get out your camera and head to your closet. Take a picture of each of your pairs of shoes.

2. The dollar tree has great plastic shoe boxes . Go buy as many as you have pairs of shoes. You can use regular shoe boxes but I like them to all be the same size.

3. Print the pictures of each pair of shoes with your home printer. I like a 4x6 size.

4. Cut out your picture and glue or tape on the end of one side of the box, add shoes, place on the lid . I taped mine but will re-do the picture and glue next time. My closet is not as tidy as I would like but it is a start.

Now you can see each pair of shoes on your shelf and they stay protected.